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App 57 miles South of Des Moines and 5 & 9 miles from Humeston,IA

Listed by: Dan E. Kent
641-774-8676 or 641-203-1830
Listing Number: #20176681
Address: App 57 miles South of Des Moines and 5 & 9 miles from Humeston,IA
Price: $1,393,600.00  
Per Acre: $5,200.00

The Rodney Heinen Farms consists of two tracts which will be sold together as one unit. These two tracts lie four miles apart--an 80 acre parcel in Lucas County and 188 acre parcel in Wayne County. Both of these tracts are nearly 100% tillable, high quality farms with nice updated grain storage on each.

Also, both tracts have an extensive amount of tile-outlet terraces and drainage tile on them. The owner stated that there has been approzimately $95,000.00 of field tile installed just on the 188 acre Wayne County farm.



                                    TRACT 1--LUCAS COUNTY 80 ACRES

Tract 1 is an exceptional grain tract which will quickly catch one's eye. It boasts a CSR2 of 57.9 and several tile-out terraces. In addition, it has a 12,000 bu grain bin with dryer and a smaller 3,000 bu bin. Certainly, one of the cleanest, most desirable tracts on today's market.

Our firm had the privilege of marketing this high quality tract to Mr. Heinen in 2013. At that time, the Lucas County FSA carried carried a 31.2 acre corn base with a yield of 92 bu/acre and a soybean base of 25 acres with a yield of 28 bushels per acre. The FSA Office carried this unit as 78.94 acres tillable which is essentially a 100% tillable.

R.E. TAXES: $1,910.00 --2019-2020


                                       TRACT 2 --WAYNE COUNTY 188 ACRES

Tract 2 is similar to Tract 1 in that it is a high quality grain farm with extensive tile and tile-outlet terraces. This farm has a CSR2 of 54.8. It also has two nice grain bins--a new 32,000 bu bin with full air floors and 10 horse fan and a 13,000 bu bin with a similar drying setup.

R.E.TAXES: $3,394.00--2019-2020


USDA Programs:

FSA INFORMATION:  Mr. Heinen owns several farms so he does not participate in USDA programs due to Payment Limitations guidelines.


Both Tracts are open for 2020


Location Map
Soils Map Tract 1
FSA Map Tract 1
Aerial Map Tract 1
Aerial Map Tract 2
Soils Map Tract 2