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Management Services

Kent Farm Management will not only help you more fully enjoy the benefits of farm ownership, we'll also help you do a better job of meeting your management responsibilities. Rather than take over your farm, we'll work closely with you to develop an operating plan tailored to your individual ownership goals. Then, acting as your representative, your Kent Farm Manager will handle these day-to-day details of farm management:

  • Developing and implementing a farm plan that meets your ownership objectives.
  • Selecting a farm operator and negotiating a lease or operating arrangement that satisfies the plan objectives.
  • Supervising the operation of all crop and livestock activities.
  • Contracting and supervising all repairs and improvements you authorize.
  • Developing a marketing plan for commodities produced, then selling to meet the income objectives of the overall farm plan.
  • Reviewing insurance coverage and recommending necessary changes.
  • Collecting and accounting for all rentals and income from the farm, then depositing funds to the owner's agency account. Paying all crop and livestock expenses, taxes and insurance premiums incurred in the operation of the farm.
  • Making a monthly accounting to you of all income and expenses.
  • Providing periodic written and verbal reports which will keep you advised of current activities.

Kent Farm Management has been managing farms since 1985 and has many satisfied clients current and past. We would enjoy visiting with you about your property, your interest in obtaining farmland as an investment, or the possibility to keep the family farm among the heirs of the estate. Contact Dan Kent or Alan Umbenhower at 641-774-8676.